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Birthday Blog : A Year to Celebrate

I literally cannot believe it is July 23rd and I’m just now writing about Grey’s first birthday.  I’ve come to a conclusion that the month of June is always going to be busy for us.  Grey’s birthday, my birthday and Father’s Day – plus everything else that makes summer so busy!

Let’s rewind back to last month and celebrate Grey’s FIRST Birthday!  What a year it has been.  It was so amazing to celebrate her life.  We actually celebrated it the weekend before her actual birthday and then again on her birthday.  She deserves two birthday parties, right?  Each one was so special to us!  To have family and friends gather around to celebrate her life was exactly what Ryan and I wanted for her first birthday.


Emotions were high the week of her birthday.   We were so excited to celebrate such a joyous year!  We know how different this year could have been and we praise God every day for her life.  She has pointed more people toward Jesus in one year than I have in thirty.  How incredible is that?  I know He has a lot more planned for her.

Since her birthday, Grey has tackled a lot of milestones.  Everyone has told me,  “by the time she is two you won’t know she was a preemie.”  I would always nod and think skeptically in my head, “Well she has a BIG year ahead of her if that is true.”  BUT, I’m actually starting to believe it!

In just a couple weeks she has started saying “dada” and a bunch of sounds starting with the letter B and G.  We are still working on mama. She has also found her screaming voice.  It’s hilarious! Ryan and I crack up every time she does it.  I think because we couldn’t hear her voice for so long, we LOVE hearing every noise she makes!


She has also started CRAWLING!  She is a crawling machine.  She is now getting into everything.  Her favorite thing to do is crawl over to Gus and try to touch him.  He isn’t thrilled with her new skill, but soon enough he will be begging her to play with him.


She loves to stand up!  She isn’t standing up on her own (yet), but she likes to pull herself up with help from the couch, coffee table, anyone’s legs, etc.  She is one strong girl.


She just had a weigh-in yesterday and tipped the scales to 12 lbs 4 ounces, 25 inches long.   We are still giving her Pediasure in place of forumla and we just got the OK to DROP HER NIGHT TIME FEEDING!!! Can we get an AMEN?  We celebrated last night with a yummy dinner and a glass a wine.  Cheers to going to bed at a decent hour and not setting an alarm at 4 AM. Her favorite foods right now are black/baked beans, ham, and chicken salad. We are trying everything.  If you have any suggestions of high calorie foods to give her please send them my way.

Thanks for following her first year of life with us and loving Grey in such a special way.  It’s always fun for me to see how far she has come.  I have to say I’m happy this past year happened, but I’m even happier we are past it and moving forward.  I’ll leave you with a video of her first year of life.  We cried approximately a million times while making it.  Enjoy!