Day 10: Quiet Day

Today has been a “quiet day ” for Ms. Grey and we are so thankful for it.  Yesterday really did us in as parents and we are glad to be riding the roller coaster back up!  We will treasure these days and I’m so happy to have this blog to remember them, as we may often forget due to the bad days always being highlighted in our memories.

Report from the doctors this morning was great.  She was stable during the night and continues to improve on the oscillator machine.  Her ABG levels have continued to improve and are at a level the doctors are pleased with.  The doctors would like for her to rest tonight with out any crazy changes and see how she is doing in the morning.  We are always thankful for rest.

The blood cultures came back negative which we are so thankful for! That means they don’t see any signs of infection.  They still have her on antibiotics prophylatically.  We are still waiting on the fungal culture to see if she has the rare fungal infection but we probably won’t have that back until tomorrow.

Also mentioned in report, was the fact that her eyes are still fused.  The doctors find this a little concerning because she is a 26 weeker and most babies have opened their eyes by now. In thinking of possible reasons for this, one idea is that her thyroid levels might be a little low due to potential hypothyroidism.  This could also be leading to other issues they are seeing.  They have drawn labs and will consult the endocrinologist about this.  We will probably know more tomorrow.  We are adding to the prayer list that her eyes will open on their own and we can see how beautiful they are very soon!

So that’s a quiet day in the life of Grey.  She definitely has everyone on their toes.  All the staff here at Suburban has been fantastic.  The nurses and doctors have been beyond incredible. They show how committed they are to making her better and we cannot express enough gratitude towards them.  The doctors work around the clock trying to figure her out and state how important she is to them.  It’s really amazing to see.

Ryan and I will be heading home early this evening to “relax” and take care of ourselves since tonight is suppose to be quiet.  So many of you have been asking about us and we appreciate it!  We are resting and trying to take each day as they come.  Thanks again for the support and prayers!  We know so many have us included in your prayers and we love hearing about it!

We wanted to leave you with a picture of Grey because she is so cute and also to show you a reference to her size.  This is Ryan’s hand next to her.  She has “gained” some weight but is retaining a lot of fluids and hasn’t had consistent feeding, so they don’t think it’s “real” tissue growth.  Currently she is 590 grams and 10 3/4 inches.  “GROW GREY GROW”

Day 10: Ryan's hand next to Grey
Day 10: Ryan’s hand next to Grey



8 thoughts on “Day 10: Quiet Day

  1. Amazing! Keep fighting Grey! You have some amazing parents! The faith shown throughout this journey is so uplifting! Stay strong!!

  2. The Maine Powells continue to pray for you all. Missed seeing you guys but my hope is when we come in October things will be different. Peace comfort and much blessings!!! Luv ya

  3. We attend Clifton and pray for your precious family. Grey is absolutely precious and such a fighter. Your faith is amazing and such an awesome witness for Christ. Grow Grey Grow!!

  4. Thanks for the update on Grey. She is sure a fighter. Special prayers today for her eyes to see what awesome parents she has. Prayers to both of you.

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