Day 106: So close

Grey is sooo close to coming home!  We can see the finish line in the distance and each day it is getting clearer.  They ( the nursing staff) say this is the hardest time because we are so close and she is doing so well that each day seems so long.  We are hanging in there though and cheering her along as she conquers each day!

So,  here are the details of what has  been going on since her official due date.  She is currently 4lbs 10 ounces- H U G E!  She is back on oxygen because she was working a little harder than doctors would like and not gaining weight as steadily as when she was off.  It’s just a whiff to help her out a little.  This is not a big concern as she will most likely come home with some oxygen support.  She is taking four bottles a day with four NG tube feedings for a total of eight feedings per day.  She needs and must take eight full bottles every day before she can come home.  This is what slows the process down.  A friend told me “She is not a machine- she is a HUMAN- you just have to wait on her and she will come around when she is ready.”  Something so simple to say but so powerful.  Like everything, Grey will be ready on HER time.  So, we wait…

Another issue that we haven’t shared a ton about is that Grey has not fully discovered her voice yet.  You can definitely tell she is crying but nothing comes out.  She does grunt and make little squeaks but anything more than that is silent.  She sounds hoarse all the time.  The doctors think this is probably related to her terrible acid reflux.  She doesn’t spit up but the acid comes up her throat and burns her often causing her vocal chords to inflame.   Tomorrow they are doing a scope to look at her vocal chords and rule out any major problems.  Short notice but please pray this goes ok and that it doesn’t set her back.  Preemies get thrown off with the slightest change so this might upset her a little bit.

We are always wanting to ask the question, “when do you think she will be able to come home?”  That is the first thing people ask us (rightfully so) and it’s the first thing we want to ask the doctors.  The frustrating answer is, “we don’t know,” but the hopeful answer is, “maybe by halloween.”  Wait with us as we wait on this 4lb baby to determine when she can come home.  We are more than ready, but we are patient and find peace that God’s timing is perfect and that day will be so worth the wait.


She slid down the slide!
She slid down the slide!




6 thoughts on “Day 106: So close

  1. She is so adorable! As soon as I start reading tears come to my eyes. I am praying the scope test tmr will be just normal. God has brought her this far and have will continue being by her side. You and daddy are so strong and I know this is building your faith. I pray you and Gray are witnessing to so many people. People you don’t ebpven know. That is how God works. Praying for you guys for strength and faith. And for Gray to grow up to tell her testimony to all.

  2. Grey and God have this pack… but they are keeping it a secret….
    We are so happy for the 3 of you. In years to come this will be like a dream.
    I can’t wait for you all to be a family at home. Prayers to you all.

  3. Im so happy she’s doing so well, we pray for her all the time and will be praying today. When Jaxen was in the NICU it seemed so surreal, like God is this happening? But before you know it Grey will be at home crawling around, then toddling, then running and you’ll be so on the go with her and enjoying every second 🙂

  4. Praying everything goes well with her voice test and that you will soon be able to take this beautiful little girl home and enjoy her even more.

  5. I’m so excited and happy she is doing so well. I remember this with my twins. You are right about the days being long. My advice is not to rush her. We made that mistake with our daughter and it costs us additional time in the unit. Hang in there and once you get home this will all be a blur of time.

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