Day 21: Happy 3 Weeks!

Wow!  Has it really been 3 weeks?  Time has been flying by!  It’s crazy how going to the hospital multiple times a day, making decisions for another life, and being parents to the sweetest little angel has become our new normal.  I can definitely tell you 4 weeks ago, I would never imagine that this is where we would be.  However, I wouldn’t trade it.  Ryan and I have grown so much through this process and Grey is doing fantastic.

She continues to be extubated which is great for a baby her size, she is tolerating feeds, and she had a great eye exam with the ophthalmologist.  He reported that he didn’t see anything concerning at the moment but she is still considered “high risk” because she is a preemie.  He will come back for a repeat eye exam in about 3 weeks. 

They are discontinuing steroids on the 12th so our prayer request is that she continues to breathe and develop well without them. Thank you for continuing to pray for Grey and supporting us through this journey.  We continue to praise God for each miracle!

I wanted to leave you with some fun pictures of Grey! We all love seeing this sweet girl!

Big Beautiful Eyes!
Big Beautiful Eyes!
photo 2_6
Sticking out my tongue!

photo 3_5

13 thoughts on “Day 21: Happy 3 Weeks!

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  4. Looks so familiar. Our grandson weighed in at 2#. Now a thriving 6 year old ready for 1st grade. Blessings to you all.

  5. I think of Grey and you guys so many times a day and I pray for all of you as soon as you come to mind. Before I go to sleep at night you are in my prayers. I don’t know why you are having to go thru this but God has a plan and Baby Grey is bringing people closer to God. It’s been a long time since I have prayed this hard and I feel so much closer to God now. I don’t know if I have ever met you two although I know I have seen you at church but I feel like family now. Thank you for this blog and I’m like Jean, I check a number of times a day just to see if you have written anything. It’s so awesome to know that God is in control. God bless all three of you. You are a part of my heart.

  6. I love reading Grey’s updates and knowing what To specifically pray for…. You two are amazing and so is she!!!

  7. Love the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them. I look several times a day to see if you have posted new info. or more pictures. Praying for you all.

  8. Love love love these! I have enjoyed taking care of your sweet amazing blessing!! I truly believe God has chosen this journey for you and Ryan bc of your strong faith and to use you as a witness to others! I continue to pray for Grey as well as you two. This little girl sure has been blessed with wonderful parents! By the way I love her “bling” what a great memory to show her when she’s older!

  9. Thank you for sharing these pictures. She is adorable and I love the one with her smiling. Being a parent is always fun when you get to post awesome pictures of your child. (We never out grow that either) Looking forward to seeing many more pictures of Grey. Continuing to pray for Grey,and the both of you and sending lots of love!!!

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