Day 23: So far so good!



Happy Sunday, everyone!! Tomorrow I would be 29 weeks!  Crazy that Grey is here and we will be celebrating 1 MONTH on Friday!  Grey has been a rockstar the past few days and we could not be happier!  The doctors and nurses seem to be pleased with her progress!  Everyday is a new challenge but so far so good!

As Grey progresses,  March of Dimes has a fun way of rewarding her milestones. The above picture is a necklace that has beads for each milestone Grey achieves.  She can get more than one bead if she has a procedure done twice.  Also, they give her a bead for each week she in the NICU.  It’s awesome to see this necklace get bigger and bigger each day she is here.  Grey has been dominating each milestone so she already has a lot of beads!  Go, GREY!  We can’t wait to show her this when she is nice and plump and tell her how awesome she is!

There hasn’t been much change since our last post, but she did stop her steroids yesterday.  The true test is to see how she handles breathing without them.  Today has been a good day.  Our prayer is that she continues doing  well without steroids.   We are still looking into those BIG beautiful eyes of hers.  We actually can’t stop commenting every time she opens them.  We are always saying “Oh, Look!! Her eyes are open!”  She does this several times a day.  Each time is like the first!

We have been hearing so many stories of the army praying for Grey.  Just yesterday, a sweet friend  of mine said “How could Grey not open her eyes on her own when she has half the world praying for her?”  This brings tears to my eyes because of how true it is.  I really wish I could hug every single person who thinks and prays for our sweet girl.  She needs them and we love knowing people are truly praying.  Prayer is powerful and it has become so evident to us through Grey’s life.  We know we have a long road ahead and we know there may be valleys in our near future; but even in those times we will say, “It is well,” because we know God is working out His awesome plan.  Ultimately, we believe she is God’s child and we are blessed to be the ones He chose to care for and love her.

Thanks so much again for praying with us!  We can’t wait to show you her necklace once we are discharged.

off vent 2

One more thing… Dad got to hold Grey today and she made some little squeaks that we had to share!


7 thoughts on “Day 23: So far so good!

  1. Praying for your family. I’m friends with Josiah, you’ve got lots of people praying for you guys here in Northern Indiana. Looking forward to seeing how Grey grows and grows!!

  2. GrowGreyGrow! Grey is now the star at our church Deliverance Temple! We love the updates and r continually praying for Grey and of course mommy and daddy

  3. This necklace will be more precious than any in gold silver diamonds whatever. I look several times a day to see how Grey has progressed. I pray for her multiple times. How can she not thrive in this great environment of prayer? Grow Grey Grow!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog because someone posted it on Facebook. 16 years ago I gave birth to a 27 weeker. After reading your blog, it brought back so many feelings and emotions I had all those years ago. The highs, the lows, being scared and triumphant. I also find it ironic that your name is Allie, and that’s what we call our baby. Short for Alexandrea 🙂
    I started having problems in my 8th week of pregnancy. The doctors didn’t know why I was having issues with hemorrhaging. Long story short my water began leaking at 22 weeks. I was admitted to Suburban and on complete bed rest. At 27 weeks on June 26, 1998 my labor began and because there was hardly any water left for the baby they couldn’t stop my labor. At 4:26am on June 27, I gave birth to a 27 week gestation, 2lb 4oz baby girl who was 14″ long. We were told all the things you were told. They were worried about a brain bleed, worried that the vent would permanently scar her lungs , we had trouble with her blood gases. Like your little miracle she did not have a brain bleed and was miraculously only in the vent for 9 days. We were in the hospital NICU for 2 months. I believe the NICU staff at Suburban are the best of the best! Today my 27 week premie baby is a thriving 16 year old. She has no deficits and is living a normal healthy teenage life. I hope this can give you hope. If they could save my babies life 16 years ago, I can only imagine what they can do for you. Medical technology has changed so much since then! I will pray for your family and little Grey. God is good and he has a plan for everyone and everything.

    In my prayers,

  5. Would you have thought months ago how awesome and precious a little squeak would sound to you all? We look so forward to reading the updates. Grey is a Rockstar! so are her parents! So happy for you all. God is Good!

  6. I was so excited to hear the update on baby Grey. And the video of her squeaks is heart touching. Every little news you post keeps all of us in touch with you all. God is awesome.

  7. I love the necklace. March of Dimes wasn’t doing that when Taylor was in the NICU. It just shows that a NICU families memory book looks a little different. I for one saved everything, because one day it will be so cool to say look how far you’ve come. God has big plans for baby Grey! We will continue to pray for many beads to come.

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