Day 34: Quick update

Today Grey was put back on the NIV NAVA vent.  She tolerated the high flow oxygen well during the day yesterday and it was great to see her on it, but she began having more apenic episodes than normal as the evening progressed.  This is due to her neuro prematurity and her brain “forgeting” to signal her lungs to breathe and keep her heart rate up.  When this occurs, she will sometimes recover quickly on her own and others she requires some physical stimulation to “wake” back up.  The decision was made to put her back on the support of the vent early this morning. 

We wanted to fill you in on this little update as we were very excited to give the announcement yesterday.  She just wasn’t quite ready to come off the vent yet, but she hopefully will be soon! 

Continue to pray for her to grow!  Grow Grey Grow!

Holding onto mama’s finger.


7 thoughts on “Day 34: Quick update

  1. I’m praying and thinking of your family.

    I have a family friend who went through similar experiences with her son, Max, who is now 2 years old. Max’s mom, Molly, is more than willing to listen and chat with you if/whenever you need someone who has experienced the ups & downs of life as a new parent in the NICU. Please email or message me if you’d like her number!

    -Ashley (Rubenstein ’09) Magers (my husband, Martin, played football with Ryan at TU)

  2. It was wonderful to hear your story tonight at NECC!!! I was thrilled to hear that you are graduates of Taylor!! I went to Taylor from 1997-2000!!! You just don’t run into too many Taylor alums!!!

    I’m also close friends with Leslie and Derek Jones who are actually going through the exact same journey as you right now. Original delivery date of September 27, she developed HELLP. I believe your sweeties are just days apart in age.

    I will continue to pray for both your sweet Grey as well as her fighting friend Haddie.

    Many blessings to you!


  3. Such is life in the NICU.. things change so quickly & rapidly inside those 4 walls! Praying!! And I got your email!! Sending you something next week 🙂 Praying you get a little bit of “put your feet up & rest” time this weekend.

  4. Dear Ryan and Allie,
    I remember Taylor going through these same obstacles while in the NICU. Unfortunately, life in the NICU tends to be one step forward two steps back. We will continue to pray that Grey continues to grow and become stronger each day.

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