Day 37: My First Bath

My family came down to visit today.  The majority of them haven’t seen Grey since she was born.  They were amazed with how big she has gotten.  Seeing her at 450 grams and now 720 grams really makes a big difference.  Sometimes it is hard for us to tell because we see her everyday, but today put it into perspective that she really is changing!

She is having a good day but her respirations were high and you could tell it was a bit harder for her to breathe.  They decided to take a chest x-ray and saw some fluid on her lungs.  They gave her medication to help correct this and she seems to be responding well.

After my family left, we were able to give Grey a bath!  Her first REAL bath –  in water!  I thought all babies hated water and this would be a complete disaster, but Grey really enjoyed it!  She was calm the whole time and didn’t seem to mind the water. Of course we took many pictures and video of this momentous occasion.



8 thoughts on “Day 37: My First Bath

  1. It’s crazy that I sat there a cried watching Grey get a bath! But I guess watching God’s hand in your lives is worth a few tears. He is faithful, your are obedient, and Grey is beautiful!

    Lenore (Kevin Nielsen’s mom)

  2. Allie and Ryan… Grey is a total delight to watch as she has her 1st bath!! It is always so awesome to see you both in church on Sunday mornings. Grey is a very loved little girl!!

  3. We have a set of 29 weeker twins and spent 3 months in the NICU almost 3 years ago. I still remember that day when the nurse looked at us and said bath day. We were so excited and nervous at the same time.
    You are right about not seeing the changes because of seeing her everyday. My husband and found ourselves about every other week looking back at pictures to see the progress. We especially did that on the bad days in the unit.
    Keep holding on and remember God is in control. We are praying for you.

  4. This is so wonderful! The video made me tear up! Jax loves his baths too! We need to see you guys soon! Love love love all 3 of you very much!

    1. So awesome to watch. I can’t believe how tiny she is. I felt anxiety just watching you bath her. Can you believe someday when she finds that certain someone you can show him her first bath that the whole world watched. She will be someone pretty special I believe. So fun to see what God is doing and going to do in her life. You guys must be pretty special to God too. Keep believing that God is in control. We love little Grey. I feel like I know her and have never seen her in person. I can hardly wait for you to visit church so we can all see her. We will keep praying.

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