Day 39: It is Well with My Soul!

We are so thankful for all of you who have supported us through prayer and encouragement during the past 6 weeks.  Our church,  Northeast Christian Church here in Louisville, made a sweet video that we will cherish forever.  We are so thankful for this documentary of Grey’s first few weeks of life.  This video brought many happy tears to our eyes and we feel so blessed that we have this to show her when she is older.  I can’t wait to describe to her the amazing ARMY of faithful prayer warriors who are fighting for her!

Please enjoy this video… God is so GOOD- all the time!

Also, Grey had a follow-up eye exam today and there were no signs of disease at this point.  The opthalmologist will do follow-up exams every two weeks to look for a common condition in preemies called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).  A disease in which the high oxygen treatments cause abnormal growth of retinal blood vessels leading to further vision problems.  Please keep this in your prayers!  Thank you all and God bless!



12 thoughts on “Day 39: It is Well with My Soul!

  1. Hi Allie and Ryan! I came across your story through Jess Miller’s FB page. I live in PA. God is soooo good! I just delivered my baby girl at 30 6/7 weeks on May 31 due to preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. We were at home after being discharged from a 48 hour monitoring hospitalization and that night, I woke with severe epigastric pain that was radiating to my shoulder. Being a former NICU nurse and current Nurse Anesthesia student, I knew about HELLP syndrome I had just reviewed the syndrome before I went to bed. Because of that knowledge, our lives were spared. I knew to get to the hospital (my liver was getting ready to rupture). The Lord told me to go. I am in awe of his faithfulness. My little Carolina was able to get the steroids for her lungs because of our finding out about my preeclampsia just days before the HELLP crisis. Praise God. She is now home with me and my husband after a 6 week hospital stay. As a NICU nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and now momma of a preemie, I can say that I know what you have been through (and still are going through). Baby Grey’s progress and story is amazing. She is doing so well, climbing over every hurdle thrown at her. The doctors said the same thing about my little girl, all due to the grace, mercy, love and power that is poured out upon us by our Lord. To Him be the glory. We will continue to pray for baby Grey from PA. Blessings on her life. Thank you Lord!

  2. We are continuing to pray for all of you. Grey is beautiful! You two are such a blessing and we praise God for all He is doing!

  3. Hello, after speaking with Brittany Simon and Mike we have been praying for your Grey baby. God is Great he is in powerful hands to continue to grow and inspire all of us to keep on moving forward. I am so excited God is developing Grey in a positive loving family. God Bless and continued prayers.
    Janie Davis and family
    Ps I am Brittany Simon aunt

  4. What an awesome video and testament to God and how powerful he truly is. I love hearing your strong faith through your story, your daughter is beautiful and a child of God.
    Thanks for sharing your story and I will be continually praying for you all.

  5. Always encouraged to hear all of the positive steps Grey is making. So very glad that her eyes show no signs of ROP:) We are continuing to pray for many more positive steps in the future.

  6. In tears Allie, you and Ryan are so strong and God is doing so much in your lives. It’s humbling to watch. We are praying for baby Grey!!! xoxo

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