Day 43: Happy August!

 Happy August, everyone!

Is it really  August?!  If you are like me, I’m a little blown away by the fact that it is already August!  The days are flying by – which is GREAT for us because before we know it we will be home!

Grey is doing really well.  She is gainging weight and we are thrilled to see those chubby cheeks start to form!  She is now, drumroll please… 1lb 13 ounces (830 grams).

She had a rough morning yesterday but seems to be doing a lot better today! She has really good days but then occasional bad days that leave Ryan and I anxious at times. The most important thing is that she is growing!  We can see the rolls starting to form!   

Thank you for your continued prayers as this journey continues. 

Here’s a fun video of when Grey was WIDE awake today!  We absolutely love this time with her!

Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone!

18 thoughts on “Day 43: Happy August!

  1. Allie,
    What a small world! We have been praying for your family in my community group and when I looked at your website thought you looked so familiar. You were in my clinical group at KCH! Your daughter is beautiful and your family is being lifted in prayer by so many different people!

  2. Completely precious! So glad she’s doing well. And isn’t she bright and alert!! She’s obviously very interested in everything around her! Best of luck, and patience! A friend of mine had a tiny, under a pound baby…who is starting kindergarten as a 5 year old in a couple of weeks, tall, and smart as a whip!

  3. She looks so big in the video. I am so glad that Grey is starting to grow continuously. Still keeping her and the both of you in our prayers. Love you guys!

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