Day 47: Heavy Weight!

2 lbsShe did it!  Today, Grey officially reached the 2 lbs. mark – doubling her original birth weight!  It has been amazing to watch her grow over the last two weeks.  It seemed like everyday we could see a noticeable difference and we were blown away by the change.  She is starting to “fatten” up a bit.  Her ribs don’t show through as much, her arms and legs are getting thicker, and her little cheeks are starting to puff out!  It is so much fun to see her facial features form too!  She definately takes after her mother – what a blessing : )  We think she has her chin, cheeks, and big beautiful eyes!

Great job Grey.  You are so precious in our sight!  Keep fighting my little heavy weight!


12 thoughts on “Day 47: Heavy Weight!

  1. That’s wonderful and she most definitely has her mother’s eyes. I’m so happy for the two of you and Grey also. Keep trusting God.

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