Day 52: Lovin’ the Spotlight!

Grey continues to hover around two pounds.  She has had some trouble recently tolerating her stomach feeds.  Her swollen belly causes more pressure on her lungs, making it more difficult to breath, so they have discontinued those and will be providing her with supplemental nutrition through her IV for a day or two.  She has also started another round of steroids to help with her lung development. The hope is that this will help her ween further down and eventually off the ventilator.

Otherwise, Grey is doing great. She has graduated to larger diapers, a larger paci, and a larger hat!  She is so cute. Several nurses gathered around to admire as she showed off her new hat.  She was loving the attention — bright eyed and working the spotlight already!


4 thoughts on “Day 52: Lovin’ the Spotlight!

  1. Continuing to praying for strength and encouragement for you all! Grey is beautiful and she is one of God’s special gifts to us all! Thank you very sharing your life with us.

  2. She’s gorgeous – what a cuddly new hat! We’ll be praying for those little lungs to grow well and that she can feed well again and have less ventilator. You’re all doing awesome! x

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