Day 66: 3 LBS


Grey is 3 lbs!  THREE POUNDS!  How is this possible?  You would never know this sweet little baby is having “trouble with feeds” by the looks of the scale and her adorable double (at times, triple) chin.  We love her chubby cheeks and tiny rolls that are starting to form on her legs and arms.

She is doing great so far with the new feeding tube placement and formula feeds.  Her belly is looking good by feeling soft and not being distended.  We are so thankful that this seems to be working at the moment.  She continues to be on NIV NAVA for breathing control.  The doctors want to keep her on this until she is able to tolerate appropriate feeding amounts. She is on very low settings for breathing assistance so it’s not harmful for her to stay on it.

We are now able to hold Grey everyday two times a day!! This means Ryan and I can both hold her everyday!! We are so excited about this milestone.  We want to love on her as much as possible!  I can’t wait for her to be out of that box and in our arms at all times!  We have a while until that day comes but when it does we are ready!

We are also ready for her to wear clothes!  I’m anticipating this day so much that I have a cute outfit waiting for her at the hospital to jump into! We know that day is also far away, but like the eviction from the box, we are ready for this too! If she gets any bigger, the outfit may not fit so hopefully this happens sooner rather than later.

Continue to pray for Grey’s belly and that she continues to tolerate the feeds that she is given.  We need this girl on “full feeds” and off her IV nurishment.  Pray that she gains weight appropriately and not too fast.  If she gains weight too fast it could compromise her breathing and we would have to give her a diuretic to pull of fluid and possibly stop feeding her- we definitely don’t want this to happen.

Lately I have been so thankful for the NICU nurses and doctors who take care of Grey every single day.  They truly love her and we love them!  They love on her when we aren’t there and give us updates any time we call, or just randomly during the day.  I’m sure many NICU moms can agree with me that the nurses are so important for our sanity as mothers.  They reassure us when we are scared or confused.  They make us laugh.  They answer our silly questions.  Most importantly, they love our babies as much as we love them.  So to the NICU nurses and doctors, specifically at Suburban, know that you are not taken for granted and we appreciate everything you do! We notice her cute bedding and the way you love her and we thank you!

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragment over the past 66 days! It’s been non-stop and we have needed it every single day!

Day 10 vs. Day 66

16 thoughts on “Day 66: 3 LBS

  1. YAY Grey!! Amazing! Oh, the day you can dress her will be such fun! I remember shopping for the tiniest clothes for our girls. And the NICU staff – priceless!! So happy for you guys. Praise God!!

  2. Bless the Father!! I cried reading your post. We are keeping the ladies in the shop updated and praying for you and Grey. Hey, we are believing she will be here for the wedding but don’t be surprised if I end up blubbering when I see you guys!

    love, love, love to you all!
    janele 🙂

  3. So glad to here she is growing and doing better with her feedings. Grey is also such a cutie, my daughter Taylor ( also a preemie now 3 ) loves looking at the new pictures you post. Keep all three of you in our prayers.

  4. Yeah God!!

    So glad to hear the update. Keep hanging in there. I remember the day our primary nurse called us to tell us to go shopping for a cute outfit. Grey will be out of the box and into the outfit before you know it.

    You are in our continue prayers.

  5. I dont know you, but my twin boys were in the same boat. God is powerful and doctors are good. I pray that Grey keeps growing! 3 pounds is a big milestone! Here’s to 4 pounds!

  6. My son was born in 1991 at 2 lbs. 10.5 oz. I understand and have felt every emotion that you have felt during this journey. Every ounce is a triumph. Wishing you only stressful nights and those joyful smiles of holding your baby in your arms.

  7. Busia loves you Grey!! I can’t wait until the day that I can hold you too!!
    Until then, I will leave you in the healing arms of our awesome Father above and the loving arms of your mommy and daddy. Hugs and kisses from me and grandpa Powell!

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