Day 74: All Dressed Up!

In our last post, Allie mentioned how she cannot wait to see Grey in her little outfits.  Well, yesterday we arrived at the hospital to a pleasant surprise from one of our nurses… Grey had clothes on!  She convinced the doctor to allow us to play dress up…just for a short time.  She can’t officially wear clothes until her PICC line is removed.  Here is a picture of our little angel in her jammies.

 clothes 2

Grey now weighs 3 lbs. 6 oz.  She is tolerating her feeds very well and almost up to full stomach volume through her NJ feeding tube.  They discontinued her nutrition through IV and she is just receiving maintenance fluids now.  Tomorrow, they will begin fortifying her formula with extra calories.  If she tolerates that, they will then remove her PICC line!  This is a big deal!  It means she is tolerating adequate nutrition through her stomach to grow and no longer needs background nutrition support through an IV.  It also helps reduce the risk of infection and – she can wear clothes!  We are hoping to have her tolerating full stomach feeds (volume and calories) by sometime next week.

One area of concern is Grey’s liver.  Her labs over the last few days show high bilirubin levels.  This is most likely a result of her inability to fully break down the protein in her TPN (IV nutrition).  These levels remained high even after the TPN was discontinued.  She received an ultrasound today just to make sure there are no major complications occurring.  We should have the results sometime tomorrow.

Also, Grey has a little conjunctivitis in her eyes and is receiving antibiotic eye drops for that…not a major concern.

Please pray for God’s continued protection, specifically that her liver results would come back normal and that she continues to tolerate increased feeding.  Thank you all so much for your prayers.  God has answered in HUGE ways!  To Him be the glory!

15 thoughts on “Day 74: All Dressed Up!

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  2. She continues to show God’s miracles to all of us as we continue to pray for this precious little one. May you and your little family be encouraged by our prayers as God strengthens little Grey.

  3. My kids were so excited to see her all dressed up. “And she doesn’t have a hat on either!” She looks like a big girl to them. 🙂 So happy for the 3 of you.

  4. She is precious & priceless in her little outfit. PRAISING GOD for the progress she is making. Prayers for all of you continue. May God continue to comfort & protect Grey from any complications.

  5. I’m a friend of Abby Taylor’s and have followed grey’s story from the beginning. Thank you for sharing her beautiful story. Hooray for successes and prayers for many more to come.

    1. Good morning, I’m Josh Potter’s mom and we also been following your story. What an inspiration you two are for parents. You are special people that God has made for Gray. We will continue to pray for Grey. Take care, Larry and Mary Potter

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