Day 75: Not feeling so well…

Today has been quite the day.  We got Grey’s ultrasound results back this morning and everything looks normal!  Praise the Lord!  We are so thankful that many of her results come back normal and God continues to protect her. We are seriously blown away.

This morning also brought concern because Grey required more oxygen from the vent and started de-satting more than normal (breathing issues causing her oxygen levels to drop dramatically).  We thought she was just being a “diva” (we joke about her requiring a lot of attention) so we decided to go home and get some things done since she has been doing so well the past few days.  While at home, we got the dreadful call from the doctor stating Grey had 3 apenic episodes within 30 minutes requiring stimulation each time to get her breathing again.  She also mentioned that each episode required more stimulation than the previous so she was concerned of her having an infection.  My heart literally sank.  We hurried to get ready and rushed to the hospital. 

Once we were there and layed eyes on her I felt a lot better.  Ryan and I both agreed that she was acting like she just didn’t feel well.  She was very agitated and moving constantly.  We tried holding firm pressure on her and it took minutes to calm her down. We spoke with the doctor and she agreed that she didn’t think Grey felt good either.  She said that she wanted to do a septic work up on her to rule out infection and she started her on antibiotics again.  She also thinks this could be a respiratory infection.  They did a respirtory viral screen and we will get those results back tomorrow.  She is in isolation as a precautionary measure until we get the results back.  The doctor told us that if it is a respiratory infection Grey might get worse before she gets better and she may have to be intubated again.  We are hoping this is not the case and her results will be negative.

We will know more tomorrow.  As proven before, prayers work and we are anticipating them to work again and the results to be normal.  Pray specifically that she can rest tonight.  We havent seen her this agitated before.  I was able to swaddle her and hold her close to me for abour 2 hours and she seemed to enjoy that without any major episodes.  

Thanks again for the prayers!  This is just what preemie babies have to deal with and we are hoping she is back to her feisty self again tomorrow.  I hate updating with “bad” news, but it is reality and we are thankful for the support we have through prayer.

Here she is resting in my arms with her cute hat!

cute hat


10 thoughts on “Day 75: Not feeling so well…

  1. Prayers for your sweet girl!!! Hope all 3 of you get some good rest tomorrow, and feel refreshed and ready to focus on a new day in the morning! ❤️You

  2. I know you do not know me, I am Ed Dowden’s Aunt.

    Good news or bad news, please post… that way we know how to pray! If we don’t know she’s not feeling good we can’t pray for that…. and in the good we can praise with you for the good. I pray for your baby. Be encouraged… read.. PS 118:7 ” I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of the Lord” I prayed that over my preemie grand daughter nearly 10 years ago! God is amazing in the good and bad, which I know you know… :o) Try to be encouraged in HIM for her!
    With offered prayers for you,
    Danelle Janney

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