Day 76: Good news

Happy Friday!

So many reasons to be happy today!

1.  Grey’s respiratory results came back negative! (Praise The Lord)

2.  She is looking a lot better today!

3.  As of this moment she is breathing better!  No longer desatting like she was yesterday.

4. It’s FRIDAY and Grey is 11 weeks old today!  My oh my how time goes by so quickly!

We are still waiting on the blood cultures to confirm if Grey has an infection.  Some of her results show inflammation so the doctor wanted to get the PICC line out as soon as possible.  She can only assume that is where the infection may be coming from since the respiratory results are negative.  So, the PICC is out and her legs are free of lines!  They did get a peripheral IV in her head (so thankful for this because she continues to get antibiotics and other meds through this line).

I was able to hold her again today (another reason to be happy, that makes 5!) and she seemed to love it!! We even think she is finding her voice a little bit because she is making more squeals!  It’s a weird thing to hope for but I can’t wait to hear her cry- like full out scream- ask me again 5 months from now!

With all that being said, we are so thankful for the prayers- not only for Grey but also for us!  We received many encouraging texts and emails and it means so much to hear from you all!

Have a great weekend!

Here are some fun pics of Grey from last weekend!

Bath Time!
Bath Time!



8 thoughts on “Day 76: Good news

  1. It is awesome to watch your little girl make these strides. She is a fighter and you are also fighters. I have been following and am looking forward to the post that says she is ready to go home. God bless you all.

  2. Oh, I missed seeing the post about Grey not doing so well the other day, but wonderful to read the update and hear that she’s so much better! What a relief for you. Praying that each day and week will bring less hurdles and back steps until one day you won’t remember when she last had a desat, and praying for more cuddles, easy breathing, no infections, good feeding and lots of cute little clothes being worn 🙂 Also that God’s wonderful peace will fill your minds and His hope will completely surround you. She’s doing SO well!! And you are too!!

  3. I think of y’all everyday and pray often that God will watch over your beautiful family. Keep on keeping on!!! You are amazing!

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