Day 80: Not Baby Steps…Grey Steps

Grey certainly does things on her own time.  Whether its feeding, breathing, opening her eyes…or being born!  The doctors joke with us that she doesn’t take baby steps…she takes Grey steps.  She’s ready when she’s ready and she is making some exciting strides this week!  Her blood cultures have shown no signs of infection.  They believe her breathing trouble last week could have been from something viral and/or excessive fluid on her lungs.  Nonetheless, she has been breathing like a champ since Friday. 

With that said, all of her IVs have been removed!  It is so nice to see our little girl without the catheters in her arm, leg, head…you name it!  She looks comfortable, she is easier to hold, change diapers, bathe…AND…she can wear clothes!  All day!  Mom loves playing dress up.  And I enjoy it way more than I anticipated as well.  She just looks so pretty in all her little outfits.  The funny thing is she is too small to fit into some of her premie outfits but fits great in her American Girl Bitty Baby doll clothes.  She has started cot-nursing.  This is the process of weaning down the temperature in her isolette and getting her adjusted to holding her own body heat.  She is doing great at this and quite possibly could be out of her fancy box and into a crib within the next couple days!  We can barely contain our excitement for this day!  We have long thought about how nice it will be to not have a plastic wall separating us from our baby, to be able to get up close to see and touch, and to not have that gosh darn glare in 99% of our pictures (one of the small, yet very frustrating things about NICU life)!

Also, Grey is now at full volume with her continuous tube feeds and handling it great.  Today they began giving her taste test to help develop her feeding mechanics, though we may still have some time before her stomach is ready for full bolus feeds and she is eating by mouth.  In addition to her taste test, they began doing some trial runs with high flow oxygen to prepare her for coming off the NIV NAVA vent.  She started at two hour intervals today and her breathing was excellent.  We are hoping that she will be off the vent soon!

We look forward to seeing her progression and praise the lord for all her many milestones thus far!  He has blessed her so many ways and we are so thankful!

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6 thoughts on “Day 80: Not Baby Steps…Grey Steps

  1. This made me smile! I love the pic of her in the creamsicle gown…she may be rolling her eyes at you 🙂 I’m so excited for you all with all her progress!!

  2. That’s so exciting! I am so encouraged by Grey and you two! I am so amazed by God’s hand in her growth and health! I enjoy reading the updates and can’t wait till she gets to go home with you two!

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