Day 91: Happy 3 months, Baby Grey!

Here we are at 3 months and we are so excited to say that Grey had an amazing week.  We are so thrilled!  Every single day was a good day!  Praise the Lord! God is good!

Ok, here we go!

She is officially out of her box!  She is in an open crib and we can pick her up, snuggle and kiss her as much as we want!! It’s amazing just being able to look at her and touch her.  We are thrilled with this milestone!  She is holding her own temperature outside of the box and it looks like we are in the clear to never have her in it again!

She is now OFF of NIV NAVA!!! She said “see ya later” to the ventilator and now is on high flow oxygen through a nasal cannula. She is slowly being weened off of the high flow and tolerating it extremely well!

She no longer has a NJ feeding tube.  They pulled it back to NG (her stomach) and she is tolerating this too!  She is still on continuous feeds, but they will slowly compress her feeds starting on Monday.  The goal is for her to have feedings every 3 hours.

Another  big accomplishment she had this week was she took 6 mL from a bottle!  They have decided to practice bottle feeding with her because she is 39 weeks (crazy, I know) and developmentally she is ready.  She did a great job, but she fell asleep half way through.  The speech therapist is amazing and will be working with Grey on this huge milestone! She told us this is a marathon so we will be patient and wait for her to build up her endurance.

The last (but not least) major milestone is that Grey now weighs 4 (F.O.U.R.) pounds.  She looks like a real baby with rolls and big dirty diapers!  Throughout this week, Ryan and I have both been reminicing on how far she has come!  We can’t believe this little 0.9lb baby is now 4lbs!  She is truly a miracle and we are reminded of that daily.

Continue to pray for her as she (we) are not out of the woods yet!  She is doing great, but still has major hills to climb.  Pray specifically that she continues to tolerate her feeds.  The majority of baby’s have reflux issues and Grey is starting to reflux more frequently since she has a NG tube and is taking bottles.  Most full-term babies tolerate “spit-ups” appropriately, but Miss Grey has a harder time with them and likes to just stop breathing for a little bit.  Pray that she “out grows” this and tolerates these reflux issues.  Also pray that she tolerates being weened off high flow oxygen.  We are ready to see our baby’s face tube free!

Thanks for following Grey’s story and continuing to pray for her!  God is good all time!

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7 thoughts on “Day 91: Happy 3 months, Baby Grey!

  1. So happy for you all!!! I went to college with Brittany Kelley. I’ve been following Baby Grey, and it brings back so many memories. Our baby was born at 24 weeks last year. I remember when our Michaela got out of her box, we were so super excited. That’s huge, you’re approaching the finish line to her coming home. Michaela is turning 1 next Friday. She is the biggest blessing to us, what a miracle our babies are. We are having our 2nd baby this week. Another miracle, I made it all the way to term (with a cerclage and prayers) and am being induced Wednesday. Praying for you all. God bless!

  2. Jesus Rocks! Love your story so far and can’t wait to read what God has for Grey next! What proof that God never leaves us. Praise God! So happy for you guys. What an honor to be Greys parents.

  3. I am so happy to hear about all the great things that happened this week. God is good! We will continue to pray that she continues to grow and tolerate her feedings.

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