Grey’s first week!

Grey came out swinging from the start and has broken through several huge milestones.  Because she is so small and fragile, the first week is crucial to get through with limited pulmonary and intraventricular hemorrhaging. Doctors told us, due to her size, that she would most definitely have a brain bleed… it was just a matter of whether it would be a grade 1-2 or a grade 3-4 bleed. She has passed with flying colors and continues to impress the doctors. She had her day 5 head scan that showed no bleeding at all! Praise the Lord! Risks for these complications diminish greatly after the first week but she is very small and not completely out of the woods. She will have a follow up head ultrasound at the end of week 2. She was also born with a PDA (hole in main artery from the heart). She was medicated for this and the heart echo shows this has closed as well!

She has been on the “big girl” vent for several days and handling it very well. This vent is called a NAVA. It has an electrode that is placed at the end of her OG tube in her stomach. This electrode picks up signals from her diaphragm that tells the vent she wants to breathe. This is more natural than the traditional vent that forces breaths at specific intervals and shows that she has good neuro development because of her ability to signal to the electrode.

We thank God that we were in the right place at the right time and doctors were able to admit and give Allie steroids and magnesium for enhanced development prior to delivery! Praise God for His added protection!

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  1. I’ve been following your journey with your precious baby girl, we recently (2 weeks ago) left the NICU with our twins. It’s definitely a roller coaster of a ride! We experienced high and low moments everyday! Stay positive and rejouce in the small things! I’ve been praying for your family and a full recovery for your little girl!

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