Happy 8 Months!

E I G H T   M O N T H S !


I can hardly believe how quickly time is passing by!  I can’t believe 8 months ago our lives were changed forever, and Grey was born unexpected.  A day I will surely never forget.

First,  I want to apologize for not getting her 7 month update up!  Opps!   At the time she turned 7 months Grey was admitted to the hospital for “failure to thrive” and we stayed there for 3 nights.  Grey was having trouble taking her bottles.  At times she would only take 5-6 ounces a day!  At one point she actually lost weight!  We were running low on steam and the last place we wanted to be was back at the hospital, but we knew that was where she needed to be in order to have continuous observation and figure out the
problem. However, per usual, Grey put on her “game face” and started taking all of her bottles like there was nothing wrong and literally made liars out of her parents!  Thanks, Grey!  We were able to work with the speech therapist and get some tips on how to feed her better (Thanks, Rebekah-you are a saint).  Grey also ended up getting a gastric emptying test done which showed she has “delayed gastric emptying.”  Basically things aren’t moving out as fast as they are going in.  The doctor put her on Reglan again and it seems to be doing the trick! Praise The Lord!!   It was such a fight to get her to eat and now it is much easier!

While we were in the hospital,  we were able to see some of the staff that took care of Grey! Even though it was hard to be back in the hospital it was great to have a mini reunion.  I actually told Ryan that the 3 days back in the hospital was harder than the 129 days we spent in there the first time.  Is that dramatic?  Maybe.  But I really think it was harder or maybe I’m spoiled now and have just forgot what it was like.  Either way, it was hard because for the past few months we have been taking care of her and my connection with her is so much stronger.  It was strong in the NICU, but I know her now.  I know what calms her down and she knows me.  She trusts us and it was so painful for me to see her hurt.  Thankfully,  everyone was so kind to us and tried to make our stay enjoyable.  Rebekah even stayed with Grey for a few hours and demanded us to go on a date.  She set up a dinner and movie and it was so nice to get out and get some fresh air!  Thanks again, Rebekah.  See how she is amazing?

NOW back to…

E I G H T   M O N T H S

Grey has been doing amazing!  Her last weigh in was 9 lbs 5 ounces.  I know she is bigger than that now!  We go back March 2 for another weigh in and I am hopeful she will be in the double digits by then.   Yesterday we introduced her to oatmeal.  It was a hit! After her first bite she smiled so big.  I’m so excited to keep introducing her to new things.  I’m praying this helps her pack on the pounds.

Grey also has been rolling over, laughing lots and lots, and has a lot to say…I’m not sure where she gets that from?  She loves walks in the park. We have been so spoiled with a few random warm days here in Louisville! It has been nice to get out and feel the sun!


We are excited for each new milestone that she hits.  We are always surprised with how much she changes each week.

8 months, means not much longer and we will have a ONE year old!! I better start planning now!  We have so much to celebrate!

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