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Day 8: PICC Line changed
Day 8: PICC Line changed

Day 1

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  1. Allie and Ryan. Grey is so precious! I am so thankful my Granddaughter let us all know of the urgency of prayer for your little girl. God is so good and His mercy is so awesome. I pray for His tender touch to always be felt by you and that you will know in your hearts, “lo, I am with you always.” God bless you all as your hope continues to grow and your faith increases in these troubling times.

  2. Allie and Ryan… Joe and I go to Clifton, and Joe actually worked with Ryan on a mission trip. We both have you all and Grey in our prayers. I can’t imagine the thought of my baby being in such serious shape, but your faith in God is amazing! Just know that your Clifton family has you all in their loving arms and thoughts, and know that God is good ALL THE TIME! Baby Grey is already a very loved little girl!!

  3. We have a mutual friend who told us about your story. Our family will be praying for yours! While our story is not the same, we have had 3 premature births. (Twins at 32 weeks and 1 at 30 weeks). No one will quite understand your journey because Grey is uniquely made and will have her own struggles and triumphs. It will be extremely emotional (although in my experience you’ve been through the worst part) and remember love is patient. Patience was my hardest struggle.
    I pray that this family journey is as smooth as possible for you and for the nurses and doctors to know what is best.

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