– Rollercoaster ride

We are told this journey will be a roller coaster ride and the last two days have been our first set back.  Grey has been having trouble on the ventilator. She is oxygenating well but ventilating has been an issue, causing elevated CO2 levels. They tried to switch her to an oscillator – a type of vent that expands and flutters the lungs rather than providing single breaths. This is more commonly used on smaller preemies as their lungs are not usually developed enough to handle the tradition ventilators. It is loud and looks very aggressive, rattling Grey in her incubator. It was the first time we really saw her very upset and it was heartbreaking to watch (though they say it is easier on the lungs). However, after a night on the oscillator her labs did not improve under acceptable vent levels and she was moved back to the traditional vent. The doctors continue to make adjustments trying to get her CO2 and blood acidity levels under control.

On a positive note, she also started regular feeding with breast milk through her OG (tubing ran through her mouth to her stomach). She continues to be supplemented with nutrition through her IV as well. She has handled the feeding well and increased her volume over the last three days. Hopefully these added calories will help her grow and develop her lungs for better breathing results.

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  1. My first grandchild was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1 lb 14 oz. He went home on his due date 12 weeks later. So scary seeing him so small and struggling, being on feeding tubes, vent tubes and all the other stuff that kept him alive. I am writing this for the sole purpose to let you know he is now almost 17 and doing well. God is soooo good! So many prayers were lifted up on his behalf and I truly believe God still performs miracles today. My grandson is one of them. You are in my prayers for this precious little one. Have faith that Grey is in GOD’s hands and we may never know in this life the why but you can be assured that God knows and is in control. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Hey Allie!! Continued prayers for you and Grey!! I hope she continues to get big and strong!! She is gorgeous!!

  3. You don’t know me, but Ryan Gregory’s mother brought this to my attention this morning as he had mentioned what church you go to. Lindsay McKenzie is my daughter, Tyler my son-in-law. I’ve been praying for all of you this morning and will continue to follow your blog. I posted it on my page and mentioned what a small world it is but what a big prayer circle we have!! You are in many prayers today!!

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